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Taiba Dates Factory – One of the largest producers of Dates in Saudi Arabia

We are pleased to introduce you about us, we are Taiba Dates Factory, one of the largest producers of Dates in Saudi Arabia. Our Dates are processed and packaged in accordance with the highest standards of quality. Our Dates Factory is located in Medina – Industrial Factory with creative human resources and labors, specialized in packaging process.

Our Vision

Quality and exclusivity in the provision of products according to the latest methods and high quality full of creativity, and to provide domestic and international markets with high quality products from Saudi dates and we are in a constant race to look for increasing our share in the market and always stay in the leadership of palm growers and manufacturers of dates.

The Message

Achieve excellence in the performance of all our products and pleases our customers in accordance with the highest standards of quality and creativity, and to be a sign, directly connected with the quality.


Existence of extensive experience in the market, and eligible Saudi management for our farms and branches

Our Mission

Taiba Dates Factory was formed with a mission to provide the local market with high quality, locally produced, fresh-from-the-farm dates of Saudi origin, and with a vision to expand the sales of Saudi dates to international markets. At the turn of the new millennium, Taiba Dates Factory has a vision to create for itself a leadership position in growth markets.